Sheppard pie


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Sheppard pie

Two days without checking my email, I had a dozen unread, all come from old university classmates. They are discussing about a 20-year reunion.

It was a small class, and we were majored in Japanese language for science and technology field. At the time China just started its reformation, and had a huge demand for people who can translate technological event and document from Japan. These young high school graduations mostly had a deep interest for English, but they were enrolled in Japanese major as this major opened its first year recruitment.

Jerry was lucky to get a job in the government sector in Beijing, and had lots of chance to visit Japan. However, like he said he realized English is absolutely more important, and he has a dream to be able to speak both well, so he kept learning English. Well his effort paid off eventually, as now he is the general manager of a big US company’s office in Beijing.

We had a great chat in English, that I really feel funny, because we were used to talk in Japanese. He seems has relationship issues with his wife that I am not sure what really it is. I met his wife many years ago, and she is a very lovely lady, and worked in a pharmaceutical factory. Put in his word, his wife is more aggressive at her work so it seems they are losing something important in their life. Like he said his wife is not a traditional one, she never goes to kitchen to make dinner so they hire amah. He also under impression that I might have similar problem as he sees me as a smart and emulative woman.

Well may be it is true 20 years ago, but I was changed. Like any other girls, I never went to kitchen and even grocery store. But life put me in another kind of life style, now I have to do so much house chore, but for some reason I can really enjoy it. I know one of my classmates give up life in US, and back to Beijing. She also hires nanny, and she said he would never trade to a life style in American where she herself is amah. I don’t know if it is a matter of fashion or tradition, I just know when I tried to cook a Sheppard pie for my son, which is his favorite farmer’s cooking, not fancy, not too much flavor, just a mix of ground beef, corn, and mash potato, he was really pleased, and said that has a taste of heaven. And I also know when my husband is going back from his business trip, I told him I was making a veal dumpling to wait him back, he was so excited.

In my view, the essence of life hasn’t been changed for thousands of years. That is man meet woman, man fall in love with woman, man marries to the woman, and they build up their family and having kids. A wonderful career, and lots of money, but a home like a hotel without life, who really want it. May be I am so old-fashioned, as I cannot understand that few of my classmates today still stay single. They are really doing well in their jobs, work between Tokyo and Beijing. They are smart and beautiful,but they seem so far away now.

Well let us do our DIY wok at home without other’s help, form cooking to hair cut, from changing winter tire to shoveling the show. This is my life, just like the plain Sheppard pie, I can enjoy it as a taste of heaven.
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