Frosted glass process


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Frosted glass process

Frosted glass, also referred to as frosted glass, dark a glass, due to the rough surface in the frosted glass, makes the actual light diffuse reflection, light transmission no perspective, it can make this indoor light soft and not glare. It is often made use of for window glass that needs to be concealed in the toilet, etc. It can also be utilized in glass roofs, which offers the dual function associated with privacy and decoration.

The manufacturing procedure for frosted glass includes mechanical sand blasting, manual mincing or hydrofluoric acid etching. Common frosting and sandblasting not one but two frosted glass processes are widely-used to deuterize the a glass surface, so that the light passes with the lampshade to form a new relatively uniform scattering. The user is difficult to distinguish between the 2 processes, and can be known as follows..
1. Scrubing progression: Scrubing means immersing the glass in a prepared acidic liquid (or putting on an acid-containing paste) in order to attack the surface from the tempered Laminated Glass with a formidable acid, and at the same time, the ammonia fluoride from the strong acid solution forms a crystal around the surface of the glass. Therefore, if the matte process is done well, the frosted magnifying glaas surface is exceptionally even, and the crystallization effect is caused by the scattering of crystals. Should the surface is rough, it indicates that the acid is more erosive towards the glass and belongs for the immature performance of the master with the scrub. Or some parts still don't have a crystals (commonly known seeing that no sand, or cup spots), which is also not well controlled by the master craftsmanship. This procedure is technically difficult. The task is best characterized because of the appearance of sparkling crystals to the surface of the magnifying glaas, which is formed under an essential condition, mainly because the hydrogen fluoride ammonia has reached the finale of fast consumption.
3, sand blasting process: This technique is very common, its to use the high-speed shot belonging to the spray gun to struck the glass surface, so the glass forms a fine concave and convex surface area, so as to obtain the effect of spreading light, so that the light throughout the formation of a perception of sorrow. The surface of the glass product of the actual sandblasting process is difficult, and it seems which the glass of the first material is white glass due to destruction of the tumbler surface. The process is usually difficult.
In fact, each processes are completely diverse processes. Frosted glass can be higher in cost compared to sandblasted glass, and the effect is principally in the needs connected with users. Some unique glasses can be not suitable for matte. Through the perspective of pursuing nobleness, scrub need to be used. The sandblasting process might be completed in general industrial facilities, and the sanding process is actually good but not straightforward.


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