Supporters of Hong Kong’s Cafe Uwe are in for disappointment


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Supporters of Hong Kong’s Cafe Uwe are in for disappointment

The culinary imaginative brains behind the restaurant in Sheung Wan, Uwe Opocensky, will close the restaurant this weekend, and go away The Higher China Cafe Business - operator on the Beef & Liberty burger restaurants - next month.It was announced on Wednesday to the organization that Opocensky, the group executive chef, would leave in mid-September to go back to the hotel industry.

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Will Bray, managing director on the cafe group, said in a statement: “It has been amazing working with Uwe these last three years and we are grateful to him for his contributions to our humble hamburger cafe, Beef & Liberty, our sister brand Leaves & Liberty, as well as for the creativity and flair he showed to our guests in Restaurant Uwe. We wish him the very best in his new role.”

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The cafe group says Beef & Liberty and other brands in the firm will continue operations, but that Uwe will near permanently on August 17. However, the website for Uwe, which opened two years ago on Hollywood Road, says the restaurant has already closed.

The German chef made headlines in September 2016 when he left his post as executive chef on the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong hotel after nine-and-a-half years in the role. At the time he said he was excited to join The Greater China Restaurant Business for new challenges.


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Followers of Hong Kong’s Restaurant Uwe are in for disappointment

Lovers of Hong Kong’s Cafe Uwe are in for disappointment

which opened two years ago on Hollywood Road


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