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Questions Or Answers? (The Unanswered Question)

Angela Cheng Gr. 7

Questions, inquiries, both derive from one thing; the curious mind of a human being. “Sentence worded or expressed so as to obtain information”. That is the dictionary definition of the word “question”. But is it accurate? For every answer, there is a question, but for every question, is there an answer?

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Weekends Are Just Too Short!

By Angela

Two days for weekends, don't you think it's to short? Two days are probably enough for chores and to buy groceries, but to sleep in and play, it's just not enough! Every weekend, I have a lot of lessons (not everyone does, but some people do) like swimming, drawing and flute. My parents have to do chores, take me to lessons and buy groceries in two days, do you think they can relax and play? There are some people that don't even have two days to rest. One of those people is my dad, he only has one day off!

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3 Days in the Woods

By Angela Cheng

A small town called Maple Ridge, a big park called Golden Ears. That's where my family and I went camping.

We went there on Sat. August 5th 2006. After about one and a half hours of driving, we finally got there. We got our tent ready, ate some food and looked around, than the fun started to begin!

Right beside our campsite, there is a lake called Aloutte Lake. We stayed there for a long time, relaxing, reading books and playing around. My dad and I also went walking on a trail called north beach trail (we didn't finish it because it was too hot).

The next day, we woke up at 7:30am, ate breakfast and went walking on another trail (this time my mom came too) called Lower falls trail. In the middle of the trail, there was a beautiful sparkling body of water called Golden Creek. We stayed at Golden Creek for a long time. My mom and I played with the water, and my dad took pictures. After a long walk, we finally got to Lower Falls. It was really cool. The water sprayed down like sand and it sparkles in the sun, it was worth walking that 2.7km. After we came back from the trail, we ate lunch. After that, we went to Maple Ridge for some coffee and ice cream. When we came back, we saw a lot of horses on a field and my dad took a couple of pictures. After dinner, we walked up the same trail to the creek. When we got there, we used a towel to wipe ourselves. When we got back to our tent, it was already dark. It was suppose to be bedtime, but we stayed up and made a campfire. After my dad took pictures of the campfire, we sat in front of it until about 10:30pm.

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My Autobiography

by Angela Cheng @ 11, July 10, 2006

In a hospital full of people seeking medical care, a soon to be mother was struggling to give a birth to a little baby girl named Angela Cheng. Struggling for what seemed to be a million years, I finally pop out like an over-sized cork. I breathed my first breath as I cried hysterically when the doctor slapped me, a new life had just begun.

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A Wonderful Adventure

By Angela @ 11, Jul 05, 2006
The white foam splashing on the metal surface of the ferry, the wind in my hair and the ferries bow slicing through the smooth ocean water. My mom, dad and myself were going camping at Sunshine Coast.

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The Crab! by Angela

Dec 27th 2005 

On boxing day my dad and I went to my aunt's (on my mom's side) house (our (meaning my mom, my dad, and I) old house).

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THAT NIGHT by Angela

Mon Dec 26th 2005

It was a cold stormy night, no not right, it was a bright sunny day, not right either, it was a cloudy day (yeah that's better) it was a good day until......night came (scary music:duh dum duh dum......).This is what happened, me, my dad, my aunt and my cousin went to Nan Jing Lu (a big street in Shanghai), we went to a lot of stores but when we came out we didn't have anything in our hands also called "we came out empty handed. "But sometimes we had something in our hands also called "we came out with an arm full of things." We bought a light orange coloured coat, it is really nice. The coat has two pockets, buttons and a zipper. Well I'll get back to the story now.

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Nightmare Mountain -- by Angela

Tinkle, tinkle, the rocks were under our feet as we climb the Table (and terrible) mountain at Mt. Baker in USA. My dad, my friend and her parents, and I were trying to climb it.

At first it was easy and the road was wide enough for 2 people, but then it got thinner and thinner. "We're going to fall!!!", I said to myself, but I kept going. My friend, now she was so scared that she was holding her mother so tightly that I thought she was going to squeeze her guts out! I thought she was thinking: "Oh, my, I'm afraid of heights, I'm going to fall!!!"

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Figure Skating

I put on my skates, and looked out at the rink. Lots of people were out there, waiting for me to come out. I was getting really scared. Then a voice called out my name, it was my turn!

I went out onto the rink and waited for the music. The music started and I started skating, but then I fell I was very embarassed, but I kept going.

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The Land Of Sleeping Elephant -- by Angela

Once upon a time, there was a land called "The Land of the Sleeping Elephant". It was called that for one special reason, there was an elephant in the forest that sleeps all day, the only time he wakes up is every 10 years!

This made the little town very special. Every year, torists come, when they are lucky they could see it wake up! And the people would say "Wo, that's big" or "Wo, that's loud"!

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