Google 退出中国

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This morning heard the new from NPR that Google is negotiating with Chinese government to avoid self censoring. If Chinese government refuse, the company threatened to withdraw from China market.

it was a reaction for Chinese human rights activists' gmail accounts were hacked/attacked from China. Although Google cannot prove it was led by Chinese government, they decided to take some actions.

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《slumdog millionaire》实至名归

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Happy and exhausted

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Around Chinese New Year I got my permanent job offer and salary increase. Yeah! LG and I are both very happy. At current economy, it became more important.
EMBA is OK not as tough as I assumed. The only problem is busy, busy and busy…
Planning to buy ticket for a short trip back to China. Start think about food, massage, facial, SPA… ticket is pretty cheap now, is only $750. Everything is good.

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《The Wrestler》就是挺伤感的。

《un secret》(《a secret》)法语片,好看,女主角Cécile De France漂亮,性感。


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Best Film of 2008

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岁末年终到处都在评选the Best and Worst of 2008。我们2008也看了不少电影。今天看完《I've Loved you so long》出来,吃饭的时候根LG讨论哪个电影最好看。

数来数去,看过多少都记不清了。影院里看的,加上On Demand点播的电影都算上,最好的是《Eastern Promise》LG 1票。《Vicky Cristina Barcelona》我一票。《Tell No One》也不错。

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It has been two months I didn't update my blog. It's been busy and also lazy. Busy is always an excuse like I rarely contact my old friends. I always think it's too busy today maybe tomorrow and tomorrow is another "busy" day. A month later, when I finally have nothing to do, I would think "oh, we didn't contact for so long, it will be so hard to start the conversation. There's too many things happened, where to start? maybe next time, when I in a better mood."

Yesterday, friends contacted me. I felt so good. It's really nice to talk with them. I cannot be that lazy anymore.

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What a shitty market!

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Dow Jones is below 9,000 today. What a shitty market!

The only lucky thing is we are not working in financial industry. I really cannot imagine how stressful and depressive of their life.

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We just had the 8th "Hardly Strictly Bluegrass" festival last weekend.

It was amazing. Five stages, two and half days event, more than seventy bands, and further more it was FREE.

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"全国的奶牛都开始自然合成并分泌三聚氰胺了,难怪这些企业的奶粉啊什么的全都有三聚氰胺,不能怪企业啊 ,只能怪奶牛啊 怎么进化了这样了 真让人不放心啊?"


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"Burn after Reading"

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Coen brothers' new movie "Burn after Reading" is supper funny. It is a dark goofball comedy and made me laughing from begin to the end.

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