Taking off the Interview Suit for aWordy Bike Ride

02:32:28, 分类: Journals
Long in the tooth, dressed up in the only suit in the closet that
still fit and had a nap. Nervous and eager to please a panel of my juniors.

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Happiness is a warm bike ride's dream of Bruges

03:33:50, 分类: Journals
The protagonist of Count of Monte Cristo described happiness as a fenced off property, easy to see, difficult to obtain.

The author of Tomorrow We Ride, one of two brothers who were professional bicycle racers, one who won the Tour de France in the 1950s, described happiness as something that came over him from time to time on their bike rides together, when the outside world disappeared, no other thoughts intruded, it was just them riding their bikes, staring at the front tire and the ground under it, finding a pedal rhythm and holding it, feeling the wind and their breathing.

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Non Member of the Wedding

03:46:30, 分类: Journals
I had a 3 day weekend, centered around a big wedding. I've known the bride
since she was born. It was wonderful to see her happy. The ceremony was the most elaborate of my experience, huge tea ceremony, string quartet at the church, quiet drinks on a breezy veranda before the banquet, the usual speeches and toasts, over 400 guests, video and cameramen everywhere.

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40,000 Headmen / Gorilla Suit/ Spirit of Internationalism

04:18:33, 分类: Journals
Listening to a best of Traffic cd, I've never heard Stevie Winwood's vocals so clear.
The piano and flute are sharp, my emotions while listening less intense than when I was 19, but still good to hear.

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Polish Writers/An Overpowering Glimpse

01:20:51, 分类: Journals
My friend recommended Milosz's A to Z, a set of short essays on literary topics, authors, characters, many of his fellow Polish dissidents, writers, and exiles. Fascinating so far, great essays on various interpretations of Adam and Eve, on Balzac, evolution, religion, writing, each short enough to complete in a few minutes.

The New Yorker had a profile on one of Milosz's contemporaries, another Polish writer,

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The Tour de France is a Moveable Feast

00:00:32, 分类: Journals
Saw my friend again Friday after two weeks without her, it was a happy, easy day for me.

Felt good all weekend, two fast hard rides: 25 miles with sprints on Saturday, 30 miles

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Serene Transition

11:47:31, 分类: Journals
My morning ride is close to 20 miles, speed improving as I focus on cadence, my commute is stretching to 9 miles round trip with an extension along a bike path that follows a lagoon on the way home. Close to 30 miles a day on the bike, not exactly the Tour de France, but an improvement for me.

I am very tired at the end of the day, but am eating well and sleeping well.

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Flu/Next Steps/Not So Wordy

21:35:38, 分类: Journals
In bed two days with the flu, legs cramped, can't eat, a good time to read and

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Question Marc Chagall and the Mysterians/An Overlooked Domestic Lager

04:26:29, 分类: Journals
Listening to the sublime Handel's Messiah, voices blending with orchestra to offer
profound praise, best of all it's in English so the words resonate as well as the music.

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Shanghai Red/Bike Repair in the Rain/Good Night

12:11:12, 分类: Journals
A Shanghai red rabbit wool jacket, exquisitely tailored, patterned silk trim, lovely
wool texture and subtle red color, as sophisticated and elegant as she is herself, it fit her body like her skin, I wanted to close the door on the rest of the world and just hold them both and feel her through the jacket, her heat warming me and its red wool.

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