联合国改新和宗教复新---The initiatives of the United Nations to new -- -- -- five one of eight


联合国改新和宗教复新---The initiatives of the United Nations to new -- -- -- five one of eight

The initiatives of the United Nations to new -- -- -- five one of eight
Initiative: morning sunrise

Can we change the United Nations to the new UN life body as a whole. On the basis of the separation of powers, and the important thought of three represents, based on the three unified ideology and common political civilization education such as the fifth power, leading to the news as the fourth of the world. The fifth rights including education and science and technology and sports and health and art and culture . About two hundred countries in the world can be combined into nine league? Sheer level likely to cause confusion, appropriate easy sound volume level. Power politics can be changed from five to eight, and attached two attend. Form a community of interests, human social life as a whole? A common idea: truth, beauty, good, good, st, intelligence, wisdom, knowledge, rich, happy! Peacefuldevelopment, cooperation and win-win, wisdom, good faith, the all-knowing, beautiful glory freedom and righteousness as a whole, innovation, scientific and democratic and harmonious integration, fraternity. Iraq's Kurdish and islamic countries and countries in Iraq is a coalition in Iraq.
Hope that world politics optimized management!

to new the UN five one of eight league

The State of the United Nations is closely linked with the world order and chaos. Mediation fails when the league of nations and the world war ii. After the war in Iraq when the former US President George w. bush to bypass the United Nations unilateral UN in solving the world's problems, especially with Libya and Syria plays the role of the civil war?
1. The time when the United Nations need to change the new?
The United Nations was founded after the end of world war ii, is fully consider the interests the victors and nuclear power. The five permanent members of the (nuclear power), occupy the absolute advantage in the security council. 5 (6) and 10 non-permanent members of the world is obvious to the effect of governance? Dealing with Syria and Iran to the north Korean nuclear problem smoothly? The islands and the south China sea and east China sea to the right solution? The army needs unified leadership? Developing Marine if the universe need UN led to more cooperation.
The UN isn't need to have their own holy, whether need to the United States and the United Nations secretary general performance monitoring drama and remind. Still just a sojourner in the United States want to balance, monitor or maintenance? How the UN would have to be reasonable and lawful supervision? Is need to set up the world's oceans universe construction development and reed security police military forces (in "three water" by "the" in "palace" to lead?) And improve the judicial office (school)? The construction of holy Jerusalem? Implement the UN life as the world of the universe as a whole
2. The purpose and mission of the United Nations alliance as the whole life body of universe
We think about the role of states and the alliances and the United Nations alliance whole life body: benefit community structure, management, service, order vindicator, mentor, builders, maintenance defenders, love each other, the interests of the producers. The United Nations alliance as the whole life body of universe should contribute for forever peace and sustainable development of the human being. Normalization is a necessary result of the development of human history. This is also inevitable requirement to the part of the whole and the whole of the part and the whole life body and the life body of the whole. Let the overall uniformity show. It is that everything of heaven and underground will come in Christ as unification in 《the Bible》. It is also the reveal of world of universal harmony. The United Nations Alliance whole life body as unification is the society whole life body.
3. The composition of the UN's new five-power division eight together
Meng Desi remedy and franklin discovered the mystery of the trinity, the application of it in the practice of the political theory, establish democracy (concentration) decentralized pattern of separation of powers. Separation of powers in the construction of national regime, there are more successful and precedents of reality. 3 + 1 = 4, make journalism have independence, become the uncrowned king, make the person of the power of the press from the world. Sometimes, however, news and lack of direction, so we need to add to teach arts arts body green science and technology, build five rights is divided five one, make the operation of the power to the five-star.
UN the whole eight the five-power division of organisms can be designed as follows.
(1) the United Nations living organisms is the representative figure of the overall leader (leading nine major league)?
A, (2) the council? The equivalent of political consultative conference and the senate, is established by the party, the Christian party? Party? The communist party? Federation of the bourgeoisie? Economic socialist party? Gen produce socialist federation? The lib dems? Truth wisdom party? The symbiotic party? Green peace party? Eternal peace party? The liberal Democrats? Industrial socialist party? Profession socialist party?
A, (2) the council. Equivalent of political consultative conference and the senate, is established by the parties, the communist party? World capitalist party? The world economy socialist party? The world and produce socialist party? The lib dems? True wisdom party? The symbiotic party ? Green peace party? Eternal peace party
(3) world conference on sacred (equivalent to the house of representatives or NPC? Mr. Clinton as a leader? New living lei feng's spirit group leaders ) r?
B, (4) the government (the United Nations general assembly and nine major league?) .
C, (5) the judicial office courtyard? On the basis of the five permanent members of the council set up the world Eight powers "and two attend powers" and 10 non-permanent members, led by Mr Jiang zemin (see Nostradamus "centuries") to form a world cosmic ocean development aspiration peacekeeping police construction of military security forces.
D, (6) the news media the school (campaign and the selection of the most valuable news and news media)?
E, (7) the world teach style WeiYi committee of science and technology (Mr Wu Zhengde leader? Morning star, Sir?)?
(8) religious economic and ecological environmental resources liaison committee.
4. The security council excellent eight countries in the world (and two attend powers) and 10 non-permanent members form the cosmic ocean development aspiration peacekeeping police construction of military security forces, to world peace
As Margaret thatcher said, five leading nuclear balance made great contributions to world peace. For five power kingdom established played a main role, so that India, Pakistan, Iran, north Korea, all want to secure deterrence by nuclear weapons to protect themselves or influential position. So, if you can't form a community of interests, humans may only through strategic balance balance to maintain peace and development.
However, if the government established the world political civilization and the world, especially in the developed on the basis of the five permanent members of the security council of the eight world powers (and two attend powers) and 10 non-permanent members form the cosmic ocean development aspiration peacekeeping police construction of military security forces, it is easier to make the world a more orderly and beautiful! Whether can you think the world eight countries are the United States, Russia, France, Britain, the People's Republic of China in the happiness god chau, Germany, South Africa, Brazil (Iran, India attend the 2)? 10 non-permanent members and attend the 2 countries have tenure.
12 organs of religion, 18 great civilization 18 system. In Syria, traditional power and democratic power. If Japanese friends hold high humanity Justice all over the world, people don't do harm. Admit that fascism have also hurt Japanese。 at the same time, and the inevitability of history, human beings against an immunity after illness. If belong to the authority of socialist fascism death, nirvana, reform, change new, resurrection, freshman, make reasonable whole interest and partial interest supreme authority, superiority ethnic and disadvantaged ethnic can also be good. Righteousness of the sun can shine on Jerusalem, Syria, and Israel, humans will enter the new millennium, the brutal empire will update to solve problems with violence. Nostradamus predictions can be achieved in the centuries, the world will be safe, eternal peace. Further construction of the holy Jerusalem. Iraq's Kurdish and islamic countries and countries in Iraq is a coalition in Iraq
5, nine coalition of entities in the United Nations alliance life or social life as a whole
Nine league like kyushu. Happiness god chau (like a beautiful country, a total of fifty countries, another neutral country like Switzerland is qinhuangdao countries?) , South Korea, Middle Korea, North Korea, Mongolia, the republic of China "the diaoyu islands belong to the republic of China", the People's Republic of China is the country of the Beijing, hebei, tianjin, heilongjiang, JiLinGuo, liaoning, shandong, henan, Inner Mongolia, shanxi, shaanxi, gansu, ningxia, qinghai, Tibet, mike Ma Hongguo, ganzi, aba, southern xinjiang, northern xinjiang, sichuan tianfu empire, Allah of Islam countries, in the country of the chongqing, yunnan, guizhou, guangxi, guangdong, China, macau, Hong Kong, hainan, hunan, hubei, anhui, Jiang Xiguo, jiangsu, Shanghai, zhejiang, fujian, the countries of the south China sea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia. Great east Asia, including Japan, the republic of China [diaoyu island belongs to the republic of China] and the Philippines, whether can be extended to east 800 nm - 800 nm?
Once Mr Lee claims China split into seven countries, now is the integration of differentiation is an organic whole that happiness god chau, about 50 countries (and a dependency qinhuangdao countries). Alliance of commonwealth of independent states, the European Union, the African union, the South American union (or Latin American union?) , the continent and the Pacific alliance, southwest Asia alliance (Kashmir are crown Kashmir) built union and north American union, belongs to the President, secretary general of the leadership.
6, the United Nations alliance organism as a whole - life values of whole society
Peaceful development, cooperation and win-win, wisdom, good faith, the all-knowing, beautiful glory freedom and righteousness as a whole, innovation, scientific and democratic and harmonious integration, fraternity, Shared value is the forty words? Now, let's take a look at basic concepts have some universal values? Universal value, it is in the world of values, namely, humanity's common values; Contents include: "democracy, freedom, the rule of law, human rights," and so on.
Universal value is the core of human rights first, countries have a duty to defend the rights of citizens born such as the right to life, the right to freedom from fear, reproductive rights, the right of knowledge, and the right to freedom from want, freedom of expression, freedom of thought. At the same time, the human rights it is necessary to maintain the kingdom, union power and world power.
The kingdom, the union power and authority and god and the world let justice prevail is to promote the development of human rights! Whether can add up to become the new universal common values? Ten new idiom four cross tolerance developed the universal value, become the new concept of universal value. Use "cooperation and win-win" to safeguard the common interests of soled MengXiaoGong Uranus will atomic and hydrogen bombs (for mature red yellow civilization sacrifice or lady, why people can freely say murder, fire, war, intercourse is not easy to freely say? What reason is this? Pleve the production and use of nuclear weapons, such as atomic energy agency (iaea) alliance universe life as a whole by the United Nations in a namase read resources) create an evolutionary experiment on satellite, as in the laboratory by ray and electricity produces the amino acids and space.

7, common moral and political civilization and the future of the world
Common morality is human beings as a whole and ecological integrity of life consistent performance. We put forward some ideas and see whether it can form the human common ethics.
(1) to love one another. (2), do as you would be done. (3) love thyself, good good
It is harmony. (4) Allah alone, the world is unified, deriving kernel (god), spread all over the world. (5) love to truly, blanking iniquity, and the truth of the holy spirit, and bless the world, food and color. (6) the world wide, enough development, absolute knowledge, save the human, on good if water, longevity, and the price. (7) Yin and Yang, heaven and earth pass; Full light, fragrant air and again; Optimization theory, the perfect universe; Curse to grace and good development; Happiness, eternal wisdom; Super dialectical, positive and negative and; Accumulation and dispersion degree, the unity of the whole.
The universe is composed of energy, material and information of the trinity, so there is the unity of the trinity ideology – oneness information theory, materialism, oneness energy.
The future of the world would be leaded by really beauty good nice holy wisdom knowledge rich happy, by the society, the human society life the universe as a whole (political), human beings as a whole (religion), warp/weft - economic life as a whole universe (economic), ecology, ecological environment as a whole universe life organism as a whole (environment), development - resources (resources). UN coalition universe life as a whole by legislative, judicial, administrative, news, taught science and technology style WeiYi form. Through the reasonable operation, along with rich blessing, win-win good and happiness of the world!
Wish the United Nations to take the initiative to metabolism, updated to the most powerful represent the world universe unity entity, the benefit of human and living beings! Content of this article is a topic, hoping for a more comprehensive understanding of relatives and friends. The gods and the gods in persons let justice prevail! The gods in persons is to make a place god, country, alliance, the world, religious, economic, environment and resources, others and yourself be blessed, such as the traditional god of wealth, matsu, guan emperor, nuwa and fuxi, huang da xian, yan emperor, huangdi, like the man of god ban ki-moon, jiang zemin, and there is the God that have been known already Jesus Christ with completely humanity and completely.

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< 摘要>联合国是否可以改新成为联合国生命体整体。 在三权分立的基础上,加上三个代表重要思想、基础三论统一意识形态、共同政治文明等教育第五权,引导世界新闻第四权。第五权包括教科技文体卫艺。世界二百个左右国家能否组合成9个联盟?单层次容易造成混乱,合适量层次容易稳健。大国政治能否由五个变为八个,并附加两个列席国。形成利益共同体:人类社会生命体整体?达成共同理念和共同价值观:真、美、善、好、圣、智、慧、识、富、福!和平发展、协作共赢、智慧诚信、永生全知、美好自由、公义整体、荣耀创新、科学民主、和谐整合、博爱福乐?伊拉克库尔德族和伊斯兰国与现在的伊拉克国共同组成伊拉克联盟。
< 关键词>改新 联合国 五位一体八权分立 联盟

(3)世界神圣大会 (相当于人民代表大会或者众议院) ?
(1) 彼此相爱。(2)己所不欲,勿施予人。(3)爱人爱己,好人好


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宇宙生命体整体为了其生命性和 整体部分美 幸福公理广 智慧发展富 真理自由福,必要让朋友们认识到作为整体的部分和部分的整体,自己对(比对)自己更象是救世主(或帮世主)。比较"从来就没有什么'救世主',也不靠神仙皇帝,要创造人类的幸福,全靠我们'自己'”。我们的“共同名”是“人明鲜”,认识到抵触神即撒旦(主要是犯罪如不法之人),魔鬼(主要纠缠人如沉沦之人,甚至造成自己和他人成为精神病)妄图败坏世界。神的儿女显明出来,败坏那败坏世界的。











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